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Thread: WTB Nokia 8210

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    Exclamation WTB Nokia 8210

    hi all...

    urgently seeking to buy a nokia 8210! appearances not important, i don't mind scratched cover etc etc

    important thing is working condition of phone
    can make calls, receive calls, sms, memory of phone not corrupted, battery not that type make 5 min call can from fully charged to empty...

    offering S$100... any kind souls would like to sell?

    any interested parties pls email me

    willing to meet...erh quite desperate now so anywhere also can la, except maybe places like tuas and jurong island coz i dunno how to go... but mrt stations shouldn't be a problem


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    You might want to raise your price a little, because M1 is buying the phone at $120.

    Unless you don't mind a faulty phone with partially deranged screen... (blanks out once in a while..)

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