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    Default Little Guilin

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    Default comments needed!

    hi, guys:

    I am a newbie using Nikon FM10.

    Could u make some comments and help me to improve my techniques?

    All comments are welcomed!


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    The picture looks a little soft... is it because of resizing?

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    Default :P

    i think it is caused by my scanner Epson1660...

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    Compositional wise, it's good. What time was this taken ? If you wait till around 6pm to 6:30pm, the sun will be behind you casting strong orange rays on the scene. The higher banks behind casts a shadow that envelopes the lake making it look dark and deep (eliminating the actual yucky green colour of the lake). Check out my thread on little guilin

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    ur pictures of "Little Guilin" are very nice and much and much better than mine!

    Ur suggestions are very helpful for me!Thank you very much...~~~

    For my picture, I took it at 5:00pm. But at that day, it is heavy cloudy.

    Do you think I could use a orange filter to create some specail effect next time?


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    I find the modern buildings in the background somewhat incongruent with the classic look of the rest of the composition. I would rather choose another angle that excludes the modern buildings.

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    en...good idea! I will try to do so next time. thank you for comments!

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    Regarding the orange filter thing, there's no harm trying and I'm not sure how the results will look like. That's one of the fun of photography


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