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Thread: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

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    Default Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    wad's the diff between a300 and a350?

    i'm kind stuck among these 3 models, as they're within my budget.

    i'm more concerned about the quality of photos... which 1 shud i choose?

    help help... newbie here

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    Default Re: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    Hi Xinus84,

    all cameras you have listed are good. Perhaps you would like to do a search for comparison between the Sony A300 & A350.

    I would also urge you to go to a store to try out the cams you have shortlisted to see which is more comfy to you. As you are the one using the cam, you have to feel it for yourself to see which is more comfortable. Do play around with the camera settings to see if you're comfortable with the interface. Lastly, to test the image quality, you may want to make sure the settings of the camera are the same and do not be affected by the sales person cos they will always recommend something which yiekld them the most profit/commission. Listen to your heart.
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    Default Re: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    Buy into the system, not into the body alone. Also think about how wide the range of accessories and lenses are, the availability of the products in stores, the 3rd party accessories available for it and how committed the brand is to the market. Indeed, buying your first DSLR is not a easy step at all. It is a commitment to a brand for better or worst. "Divorce" is of course possible but expensive so choose your camera system properly and not on a whim.

    Never never never buy a camera body + lens no matter how good the bargain if there is little availability of accessories and lenses because when the time comes when you want to step up from what you have, you find that you don't have much choice at all.

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    Default Re: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    There's a recent review of the Sony A350 at, maybe you will like to take a look at it. They usually compare against cameras in the similar range.

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    Default Re: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    since PC show is coming this week, just go down & try it for yourself

    personally i've gone the sony route & never regretted the purchase
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    Default Re: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    Well, everyone have their own preference on which camera should one get. Most importantly is how comfortable are u holding the camera and functions. Before i got my 450D, i tried nikon models too. *bleah* Hope it helps.
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    Default Re: Canon 450D or Sony A300 or A350?

    thanks all fellow photography bros for e valuable feedback.

    i'm kinda :dizzy: over the funny numbers while doing comparison wif a300 and a350. well, i'm kinda sold on the a350.

    i wanna get a good overall system tat can last me for some time, cause it's highly unlikely i'll b able to afford future accessories like lenses.

    in dppreview, the ratings in the conclusion were higher for 450d. den again, i'm now sold on the 450d.

    montayasg, may i know which sony model u've purchased?

    the sony packages come wif a total of 2 lenses rite? it's image stablization sounds impressive too.

    still can't decide 450d or 350.... owell, i'll definitely try out the cams at the it show. see u bros there!


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