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    Hey All, besides the common Flicker, what other sites do u all use to upload ur photos?
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    There are many sites you can use. Some are chargable while others are free. Different people have different requirement & preference, you may want to do a search on Google to see which are the sites available and suitable for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkuean View Post
    Hey All, besides the common Flicker, what other sites do u use to upload ur photos?
    There's a thread with a poll (but it's somewhat outdated). I use SmugMug (paid) because I like the way my photos are presented and the people running the site. Many use PBase (paid). Free sites include Picasa and Photobucket. I'd stay away from those photo printing + sharing sites (Shutterfly, SnapFish, Kodak) and anything that requires your viewers to register before they can view your photo.

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    Here is a list from Wiki

    Not exhaustive. I am sure you can some other websites that offer image hosting as well.


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    I use deviantArt, but it's not friendly for mass uploading. For that, I resort to Facebook (has compression, and dulls colours slightly) and Flickr (quite accurate, but I don't have a Pro account).


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