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Thread: any Twinhead laptop users?

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    Default any Twinhead laptop users?

    like to ask if there are any Twinhead laptop users ard here? i came across 10" twinhead E10 laptop at funan recently that runs on linux, but configurable to run windoze. thot of getting it this week during the PC show, but have no idea how usable twinhead is.

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    used to have one when i was woking for my ex employer, company lappy was a twinhead. Felt that the quality, after sale support does not justify for the price. When the lappy batt went dead, could not find any one other than the agent to get another batt for us and the batt was expensive, a whopping 300 dollar for a batt that hardly last you for an hour and a half. If you are looking into those small ultra portable, i rather you get asus, at least the support is there.


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