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Thread: where to buy russian or china lenses

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    Default where to buy russian or china lenses

    hi guys can u tell me where i can get russian or china lenses in singapore?

    can anyone pass me websites that do reviews of this china and russian lenses?

    anyone used it before?How is it compared to the normal lenses with use like nikkor or cannon or sigma or tamron?

    thanks guys and ladies

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    I know a small shop in Peninsula hotel that sells or order new lenses and binos from Russia: the shop is called Camix, groudfloor of Peninsula Hotel shopping center,. opposite the coffeeshop (same building as The Camera Workshop).

    Many of the russian lenses are good! (thats what people tell me lah!), haven't tried it out myself. Heard the mechanical quality is so-so. But optical quality is mostly fine. Good luck!

    Hong Sien


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