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Thread: batch resize??

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    Default batch resize??

    i've got like more than 200 photos in 1600x1200 that i would like to resize to 400x300 and then upload on a site...

    can recommend any software for this? thanks!

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    photoshop can do it..

    - prepare popcorn and drink
    - create an action that resizes the pictures to the desired resolution
    - put all ur pics in a folder
    - create a destination folder
    - click file -> automate -> batch
    - select the set which ur action resides in and the action you want to use.
    - choose source and destination folder
    - click ok
    - eat popcorn, enjoy your drink while watching the program automate
    - thank me
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    Thanks Chris!

    I've written it down in my notebook. In case, one day I need it, I could refer and use this method.
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    Originally posted by Joywalker
    Thanks Chris!

    I've written it down in my notebook. In case, one day I need it, I could refer and use this method.

    No problem..
    A colleague of mine taught me this at work..

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    u can use ACDsee (latest version is 5.0). Just multi select the images and go to resize in the menu. bingo!

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    yup, ACDsee or photoshop elements does a easier and simplier job of batch resizing of photos

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    I am a great fan of Irfanview. A great tool which supports all imaginable formats
    Highly reccomonded. You can do batch rezize, format conversion and so many things else.
    Good thing it is a freeware and you are not guilty of piracy

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    Photoshop does a better job in resizing compared to ACDSee.
    For downsizing, Photoshop's bicubic or bilinear interpolation are both good. Bilinear creates a slightly sharper image when downsizing.

    A bit irrelevant ~~ upsizing:

    For upsizing, can try Photoshop bicubic interpolation with Stair Interpolation (SI). SI is simple, instead of upsizing an image directly to, e.g. 200%, you do it in 7 steps, with 110% in each step. Troublesome but the results are better.

    Another good program is that mentioned by shas3n. It uses a very good interpolation engine for resizing.

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    I'll also vote for Irfanview, it's free.

    When downsizing, don't use bicubic or bilinear interpolation. There's no point as all the information is there, and you don't need to approximate the next pixel. Use nearest neighbor for downsizing.


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