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    critics and comments welcome ...

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    Seems like there are 3 main subjects, mother & child, the prince on the van, and the mosque in the background. All 3 subjects IMO is vying the attention of the viewer with equal weightage hence making the photo look very busy. IMHO, it might be better to isolate just one main subject with the rest acting as 'supporting cast'.

    On the other hand, the 3 subjects also strengthens the Turkish theme that you're probably trying to put across. The distinctive European/middle-eastern look, the turkish prince and the very classical mosque design (bulbous and sharp elements) that you can find scattered all over Istanbul.

    Anyway, is this near a flea market by the port ? coz I think I have a similar pic buried somewhere in my hard drive

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    Looks pretty good.

    As mentioned by nicky, the pic looks a bit "messy" with too many eye catching subjects. Personally will prefer the mother and child to be more on the left, leaving more room for what they are looking at. Appears to be too centered now.

    Just my 0.02 cents.

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    i like this shot...

    appears to me like the boy is the prince... walking in front, with his princely look + servants behind him carrying his stuff

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    I like the colours of this picture. May I know what film is this shot on?

    Like others have said, the picture has too many elements vying for attention.

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    Hi all, thanks for your comments and critics ... will look forward to improving my techniques with your valued suggestions.

    I waited for this shot upon spotting their approach, a child walking in triumphant stride with two elderly ladies awaiting. The bus on the right and taxi on the left showed the modes of transport while the mosque in the background is indeed a typical scene in an essentially muslim country.

    Come to think of it, perhaps I did crowd too many elements in this shot, but taking repeated looks, each time the focus of the picture still went to the little boy.

    Nicky : yup, there's a flea market indeed across the street from where this shot was taken.

    wormz777 : shot on digital ISO100 film with my 7Hi


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