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    Title: Solitary
    The wind was howling and night was just round the corner. With a Canon S5 IS in tow I was trawling through the vast premises of The Botanica Gardens. It was eerily silent, there was not a soul in sight. Wanting to convey the scene as actual as possible this is my work. Feel free to comment.

    Camera Make: Canon
    Camera Model: S5 IS
    Focal Length 35mm Equivalent: 36mm
    Aperture: 2.7
    Shutter Speed: 8 Seconds
    ISO: 80

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    Your title is solitary. What is the solitary subject that we should be looking for? I don't see the wind howling, neither do I notice the eeriness of the scene; it actually feels rather tranquil to me.

    Lamp in the foreground could have been excluded; it's distracting. Frankly, the composition and choice of what you put in the frame is not very exciting. Technically speaking, it's a good, safe shot. Exposure is fine, WB is fine, but there is nothing really dynamic about the shot that draws you in.


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