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Thread: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

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    Default A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    Dear All ,

    Since this will be our first post , Let us introduce ourselves formally.

    We have a pool of talented professionals who have years of experience and tons of knowledge in the creative industry. The said professionals are a group of MUAs,Designers,Stylist,Hairstylists and Photographers.

    The objective of this workshop is to teach amateurs or aspiring artists of the creative industry the hard work that is put in as a TEAM to create beautiful images.

    We will be conducting smaller workshops before we step into a big seminars.

    This workshop is not limited to Photographers alone , all interested from various fields of the creaive industry are welcomed too.

    With that more details of our first workshop:

    Theme : Glamour Workshop

    Objective : To allow amatuer Photographers, MUAs, Designers and so on to learn how an image is created as a TEAM

    Price : $125 *(Promotional Price : Only for first batch of participants. Limited seats of 15 participants only.)*

    Location : A Studio in the West

    Date : 14th June 2008 Sat

    Time : 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs

    What will be happpening in the workshop :
    We will be having a model as a prop. Demonstrations will be conducted with her.
    Photogs will be encouraged to photograph her and at the same time any FAQs will be answered.We will have a on the spot C&C sessions on how to improve your photos.Our designer will show you the proper ways of enhancing your photos digitally.

    Why should you attend ?

    A few simple questions so that you can answer the question above yourself :

    1) Ever wondered how a MUA decides on the colours to use or how she shades the models face to accentuate the model's features? Want to learn how a MUA will have to change her style of makeup according to the light source available ?

    2) Being a Photographer , have you always wanted to have a say in the type of Make-up but didnt know how or have you always wanted to learn to identify flaws in makeup so you can ask the MUA to improve it?

    3) Want to know how a hairstylist decides on the type of hair ?

    4) What is the purpose of an art/creative director ?

    Contact Details : Call/SMS 98220008 or email


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    Default Re: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    Confirmed Slots :

    1)Reserved x2
    2)Yet to Confirm
    3)Yet to Confirm

    11 more slots to go .

    Some have raised some questions and we will like to clear them here for the benefit of others.

    1) Qn : Is it a Fashion or Glamour Workshop ??
    Ans : Its both

    2) Qn : Will there be a model present ??
    Ans : Yes , we have attached the models com card.

    3) Qn : What outfit will the model be wearing ?
    Ans : Will depend on the stylists. But she will be wearing a set of Lingerie and a glamourous dress or the stylist will tie a scarf around her. It purely depends on the stylists inpiration on that day.

    4) Qn : I'll like to take some shots at the seminar. Can I ?
    Ans : Yes like mentioned above , Photographers are encouraged to bring along their cameras. You'll be dedicated a slot to take shots of the model. Our guys will guide you in posing techniques , lighting and most importantly the fine details/mistakes made by most photogs.

    5) Qn : I saw you have designers present ? Will i learn photoshop techniques ?
    Ans : YES ! Its a package workshop. You learn all that is involved. Our designer/art director will show you how to improve a photograph on the spot. You will get an opportunity to have a one-on-one session with them to discuss your work.

    6) Qn : Who is this seminar aimed at?
    Ans : All those in the creative industry.MUAs,Designers,Stylist,Hairstylists and Photographers.

    Pls feel free to email me or call me ay time. Will be more than happy to help you.

    Thanks a lot guys. Pls pardon me if things are not clear. It's my first time collaborating such a thing.We are aiming to make this small workshops as helpful as possible to all. We will be adding more stuff soon.

    We will be conducting a seminar soon , a big scale one.So if your keen and would like to be in our mailing list pls contact us. Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    Model For the Day :

    Cristy Sirirat

    Cristy is of Thai-Chinese descend and is an amateur in this industry.
    She will be wearing a set of lingerie and a glamourous dress for this workshop.

    Come join us for this workshop and have a look at how we transform her into a top league model.

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    Default Re: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    Sign Up Now Few Seats Left !!

    Introduce your friends and get a discount on the entry fee.

    2 pax 10% Off total fees
    3 pax 15% Off total fees
    4 or more 20 % off total fees

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    Default Re: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    Sign up now and join us for an educational experience.

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    Default Re: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    A few more slots available only.

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    Default Re: A Glamour/Fashion WorkShop - An opportunity to Learn

    A few more slots...

    Photographers and MUAs should not miss this opportunity. Call now.


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