eh guys.. no wories lah...
I'm reading and digesting here...
and really thx for making me rethink and rethink which camera to get hehe

I'm leaning towards canon S5 for now..
got a hold of it at courts tampines. it looks great and the buttons are well placed.
but dat's me.
I did play around wif other cameras like H10 (like the size, but not sure it's value for $), pana TZ18 I think, olympus, and canon SX100IS.
but I still prefer S5.
as for the photo taking stuff, I still need to shoot and learn lots more.
I may or may not get into this hobby, at least the camera will come in handy.
of cos lah it wun do wonders to newbies like me haha

I hope to get some good pics at bali next week!