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    I will like feedback on the composition, theme and technique.

    The picture was composed to show nature's great ability to survive.

    I want to show that man and nature can co-exist if a balance can be found.
    In the front of the picture is a cut away tree branch to make way for the man-made structure in the background.
    If the tree was not total destroyed in the process of the construction, nature always finds a way to survive.
    The new green branch in between the man-made structure and the cut away branch demonstrates the ability to survive.

    I took this picture because it leads me to think of how man could adapt himself to his own environment.
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    hi, welcome to clubsnap.

    i think the composition can be improve with a much tighter crop and with less distractions. the leaves in between your the branch and the metal rails are unnecessary.

    the branch itself is cut very cleanly and very far from the rails, i find it difficult to relate the 2 subjects to your idea at all. i may compose with colours and textures to present the juxtaposition that you want to achieve.

    it seems like a snap shot. i can't get the idea or feelings you are trying to present in this photo as you have described.

    try again, hope to see more posts from you

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    your in good in science dude! and an environmentalist too! keep it up! | |

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    hi headfonz,

    Thank you for the comment and suggestion.
    Will try again


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