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Thread: Bad reputation shops anyone?

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    Default Bad reputation shops anyone?

    Max Photo AMK Hub B2 lousy service and lousy prices. If you are there just go to MS colour.

    I couldn't get a S8R photo printed for $7 dollars!!! Exorbitant prices. Was with my phone a W960i and USB cable to print a photo and urgently needed it withing that time. Asked the shopkeeper whether i could print it she said yes then plugged it into this lousy computer and told me it cannot read large memory cards or devices. Then i asked her to try the other com she refused and said that because the other com cannot read phones i told her it was a thumbdrive software but she refused then a lady with a thumbdrive came in and she allowed her.... stupid shop. just for you guys to take note if you go there. Not trying to condemn it or anything.

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    $7? Thats really expensive..


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