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Thread: Filter recommendation for D40

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    Default Filter recommendation for D40

    Hi, Please help to recommend a filter for Nikon D40.
    I just want something simple to protect the lens from water/dust.
    Also, please indicate the approximate price, my budget is <$30.

    One more question, can i still use the original len cap (come with D40kit) with the filter?

    Thank you very much

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    Default Re: Filter recommendation for D40

    When talking about DSLR lenses, a filter is not for the camera, but for the lens (and yes, it's "LENS", not "LEN"). Different DSLR lenses will have a different lens diameter. In your case, just get a standard Hoya UV filter for your lens. You will still be able to use the lens cap.

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    Default Re: Filter recommendation for D40

    than it should be filter for lens. Im not sure if filter can protect your lens from water. You can always buy a UV filter to protect your lens. Yes u can still use lens cap on filter.

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    Default Re: Filter recommendation for D40

    Just get a UV filter...

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    Default Re: Filter recommendation for D40

    The lens you are talking about, is it the 18-55mm VR? If so, the filter thread diameter is 52mm, and a simple Hoya Coated UV filter will cost you S$10, at shops such as John 3:16 (Funan, 5th floor). That's all you need.

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    Default Re: Filter recommendation for D40

    all, Thank you very very much..
    I will go and get the HOYA UV Filter this evening.


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