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Thread: Computer Issue, please help!

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    Default Computer Issue, please help!

    Hi all forumers,

    I recently bought a Lenovo CPU only set up at Challenger, somewhere end April 08. Anyway, I upgraded the RAM from 1gb to 2gb at the store. As what I remembered, the sales person just took a DDR2 RAM from the shelf and put it into my computer.

    It spoilt recently. OS were slow to load, then it wont start up in OS anymore.

    I used Ubuntu Memory Checker and found out that the RAM was spoilt.

    So lo and behold, I open the computer and found out that in my ram slots are 2 different RAMs:
    Amaxel 1GB RAM running at 533 speed ( i believe this is the ram which came with the cpu)
    Kingston 1GB RAM running at 667 speed (the ram from the shelf)

    I really can't be bothered to check which RAM stick is spoilt and I will call Lenovo people to come down tmr to fix the problem. I will pretend I dunno anything and see what they say.

    Can't believe challenger put in 2 sticks of RAM of different brands and speeds. Less than 3 months and it spoilt, wonderful.

    Any idea what's the recourse for me, because I'm pretty sure a few months down the road the RAM will spoil again due to the compatibility issues.

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    Default Re: Computer Issue, please help!

    2 ram with different speed should be ok la, worst is that it will run at 533 only, but generally avoid la.
    different brands is not much of an issue.

    u should chk which is the ram giving ur problems. with the kingston one is lifetime warranty i think.
    putting in rams of different brands quite common la, but different speeds... should f the guy.

    anyways, rams are cheap these days, just pop down simlim get a 2x1 gb ram .

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    Default Re: Computer Issue, please help!

    no problem with using different brands of ram. i have been doing so for years. as for ram speed, the cpu will step down to run at 533 if thats the maximum speed and not 667.


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