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    Think overenthusiastic dog meets overunfriendly cat.

    I saw how the friendly demeanor of the cat towards me changed when this bubbly lassie came bounding along. I love adrenaline.

    Next step: Capture a guy when another guy tries to hook on his girl.

    On to the serious bit: Anything more that I could have done? I wanted to take the shot from behind the dog but the owner started talking to me and I did not have the chance. Would be nice to take a photo of the dog from behind the cat as well with the focus on that cat's arching, bristling back. Oh well, just an after thought.

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    Nice shot, however...

    Paws are cut-off, and what's the cat "arching" at?

    I remember such looks from my teachers when I used to piss them off.

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    Your teachers! With the arching back and all? I think some people might find it quite sexy.

    For the paws, I honestly didn't think about capturing the paws and come to think of it, the picture does look funny without the paws. I was just so drawn to the face. Good point there. Pity I don't know when I will be able to get a chance like that again.

    By the way, the cat was arching at a bubbly lassie. A very bubbly lassie.
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    Didn't get an idea of adrenaline. Just tension and confrontation, so title didnt suit the photo.
    A pity the paws were chopped off.

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    One thing good about this photo is that it makes u wonder what the cat was staring at...

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    Guys, this is the critique corner...please help to maintain a high standard of discussions here by refraining from Kopitiam-style chitchat.

    As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision.


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