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    Hi guys, i dunno if this should fall here, but anyway,i juz post here, if mods feel this should be moved, pls do so,thanks.

    My friends are helping to collect clothes for the Cyclone Nargis survivors through a contact located
    in Myanmar. Hopefully, independent efforts will distribute the donations better than
    the large international organisations that are frustratingly stopped outside the country.

    If you've the time and the spare clothes to donate,
    do help out yeah?

    Date: This Saturday, 31st May 2008
    Meeting time for collection: 4pm
    Where: Peninsula Plaza

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    do contribute!

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    Dude no offence but mind giving more details how the clothes are going into Myanmar? Last we heard, even locals are not allowed to donate to the victims.

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    any chance Thihan's english name is jonathan?
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    hi guys, haha, itz raining heavily tat day but some guys managed to bring some clothes there. from what i heard from my fren, they are going to hand the clothes over to one of the shop at pennisular plaza, and they will ship it over.
    as for Thihan, im not very sure, coz i dun know him, i only know the other one Reb.


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