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    Recently i bought a new basketball, it was sold inflated, i noticed (too late) the ball had a flaw only one week after. The basketball seems to be slightly out of shape, spinning it, you can notice it's not rotating perfectly, kind of wobbly. Slightly oval-shaped.

    One friend suggested releasing all the air, and pump it up again. Will try that soon. Tried googling, rednano-ing, yahooing, no info readily available.

    Wondering if any experts here has any advice or solution to fix the "out-of-shape" problem?
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    I used to play basketball during my teen years and had bought several basketball. And based on my experience, this is normal for a ball not to be 100% round. We call it a little bit oval. Yes, when you throw spinning on the air, it will wobble a little bit. The causes of it are it was deflated for long time or if its inflated when you bought it, somebody might have step/sit/put weight on it. I remember one time, my father bought me a new ball, it is still perfectly round because when I throw it, there is no wobble. then my kid brother sits on it (weighs around 20kg), there, the ball lose it perfectly round shape. But end of the day, the ball will still be usable. It will not give any problem when used on.

    Enjoy your game...

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    ah thanks!

    I think the ball i bought might have something weighing on it beforehand in the store or the warehouse. The moment i saw the ball was brought out by the sales staff, inflated, i felt kind of disappointed, i was expecting a non-inflated one. (i was told it was the last piece in the store, besides the one on display)

    Reason was my friend did bought a rugby ball from a dept store, he was told it was the last piece, it was an already inflated display piece. He bought it, next few days he complains the ball kept losing air during play, pumped up, the next morning it would be half soft. And when he went back to the store a few days later, he saw another rugby ball of the same model on display, again he was told it was the last piece.

    Hence i didn't really trust inflated ready sports balls, it seems to spoil it especially if it's inflated and not in use. Is it a urban myth, i can't prove it though.
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