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    3 CANDY sticks for you, sir?

    Date: 7th June 2008 Saturday

    Time: 9am 12.30pm (3 hours shooting time + breaktime)

    Location: Outdoor. To be released to those who made payments.

    Outfits: 2 sets each.

    Number of photographers: Minimum 4:1 , Maximum 7:1

    Cost: $55 per photog, $50 for repeated,

    Models: Michelle, Regina, Queeny

    Refreshments: Small Breakfast + Drink

    How to register?PM me or
    email to

    Your real name (optional),
    Nick (please state that you are from clubsnap)
    Contact number
    What name you want to be listed as (in the slots list)

    Any enquiries can also PM or email me. Will reply within 48 hours.


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    Photo credits to Eric Ho and Luke.
    if you see your picture there, please contact me for crediting. Thanks!


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    Credits Photougenics & Thomas3k respectively:

    Credit: Canonised



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