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    Talking Need Guidance

    Kudos brothers and sisters,

    need expert advice on tripods... and tripod heads...
    Benro, Manfrotto and Slik, any advice on which is a better bet?
    equipments to support will be my Alpha200 with batt grip and flash for maximum body weightage...
    lenses wise still pending on vitamin M availability so for time being still stuck with kit lenses,
    hope all the experts can give me a fair views and comments plus knowledges and experiences in these 3 brands... somehow i'm swayed to Benro because of it's price... CHEAP!...

    PS: anyway, does concert allow concert-goers to bring cameras in? or... by the underhand method of slipping camera into the concert?
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    Default Re: Need Guidance

    models??? which 1 are u looking at?
    What's your future loading weight?

    Cheap* for now, later regret.

    *depends on your load

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    Default Re: Need Guidance

    models? no particular model leh... but previously have been looking at Manfrotto 055
    thats why need expert advice on decision making and choice
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    Hi li0nheart07

    Like camera lenses, step back and think through what you need. you will not want to buy one now because it is good to have a tripod and later sell and buy another one because somehow u grew out of the specifications that the first tripod could support.

    Make it a one time investment, and enhance your shooting experience.

    There are many helpful CS users to answer your queries.


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    Default Re: Need Guidance

    anyway thanks..., maybe should get something reliable and cheap first before spending deep onto something expensive and long-term commitment

    btw, concert allow photography? gOing for concert at Singapore Expo Max Pavillion... wonder if photography is allow?
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    whether photography is allowed in concert all depends on the event management company. usually, you can check that out from their respective ticketing outlets.(eg. sistic website) if you are not allowed why not just sit back or relax and enjoy the concert.
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