I have 2x SB28 and looking for a main flash. I started off looking for hammerhead. Narrowed my selection to sunpak 622 super pro and metz 60 CT-1/4. the guide number for these hammerheads are 60m @ 35/28mm. SB28 guide number is 50m @ 35mm. 622 accepts C size battery, whereas SB28 uses AA size battery. Both C and AA batteries are 1.5 volts. does it mean AA are as powerful as C ,except C lasts longer. amp x volt = watts. Does C has a higher amp and does higher amp make more powerful flash or just different amp for different system. when comparing guide number, do we compare each flash within the same watts? is 622 only 10m stronger than SB28? confused.

Not long ago, I acquired 1 skyport transmitter and 2 receivers. skyport is from elinchrom, however the cheapest power pack-ranger rx set cost $3,355. it is too pricy for me. so far my inconclusive research is a few power packs have built in pocket wizard receiver. Is there any power packs besides ranger that accept skyport as radio trigger? HELP !