Hi guys,

I've an old video camera based on video8 standards. It's a Blaupunkt CCR806. I've religiously kept everything in my drybox for years until my drybox died recently. So I'm just trying to clear it out.

So wondering if anyone can suggest whats the best way for me to clear this item away? I tried switching it on and still can focus and REC and playback but the viewfinder shows flicking image, probably because the "head" needs replacement I guess?

1) Sell to cashconvertors? Not sure how much its worth now. Probably $1 or $2?
2) Auction on eBay? I doubt this will generate much interest from genuine buyers
3) Sell to my regular garang guni for $1?

Also, I have some video8 cassette tapes. Is there somewhere I can bring them to convert to say...VCD or DVD?

Got so many accessories. Even got Wide angle / telephoto adaptors. ie
1) Vitacon Video Telephoto 2.0x For Sony TR-55
2) Vitacon Video Wide Angle 0.5x For Sony TR-55

Are these worth any money at all? Appreciate some advise. Thanks.

Btw, I'm a newbird to clubSnap. Recently bought a D80 from Japan so as to use all my old Nikon lenses. Suddenly I'm a very happy man with many nice photos.