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Thread: battery for portable printer

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    Default battery for portable printer

    I'm wondering if I can get an external battery source for my Sony Portable Printer. The specs on the power adaptor are:

    100V-240V AC 50/60 Hz

    24V DC 2.2A

    I've seen photographers use an external battery source (not battery grip) for their SLR... it's like a block with wire connecting to SLR. Wonder if that can work with printer too? How much do those cost?
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    Default Re: battery for portable printer

    as long as the voltage is the same, I don't see any problem.

    but where are you gonna find 24v source? run 2x 12v battery in serial? and how are you gonna recharge them?
    if you are running from a car, its better to get a DC voltage converter 12v to 24v.

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    Default Re: battery for portable printer

    that type of battery pack will cost you about three or four printers.

    think the cheaper solution is using SLA (seal lead acid) battery, you able to find the battery and the charger at sim lim tower, but you need to diy the wiring, and I don't know how long would the battery will last.
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