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Thread: creating artwork using photoshop

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    Default creating artwork using photoshop

    how to place 3 photos onto a 8R/10R size white canvas in photoshop?

    1. my photos are in 1600x1200 pixels size. what should be the canvas size be? info to key in when creating a new file
    a. width and height (in pixel or inches?)
    b. resolution (pixels/inch)

    2. i want to know the ideal values for (1) so that i can print out in A4 size

    thought it was easy, but thgs got complicated & confusing...


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    Assuming u just want to print photos onto A4.

    A simple & quick way to do it is to place/import your pictures into MS Word document or Pagemaker or Freehand. Arrange your layout and print it.

    You can also try Qimage s/w, a photo layout & printing s/w.

    Qimage d/l here


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