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Thread: Does this fit on fuji S6500fd?

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    Default Does this fit on fuji S6500fd?

    Hi everyone,

    Im still quite new to lenses for cameras, and i would like to ask if its will fit to my cam and would there be any down side?

    Raynox HD-6600PRO-58 0.66x Wide Angle Lens w/Lens Hood

    or is there any other recommendations?


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    Default Re: Does this fit on fuji S6500fd?

    Yes it will fit on the lens as the Adapter is 58mm and so is your lens diameter.

    I have used that lens b4 on my S2 IS and the angle is great.

    Adapter is fully Made in Japan so the QC and quality is there.

    so from 28mm you x 0.66 which gives an angle of 18mm.
    Why do you need so wide an angle for?
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    Default Re: Does this fit on fuji S6500fd?

    well, i feel like see how a wide angle lens can do in the pics i take...

    been seeing pics on blogs and websites and they looked nice, so was thinking of giving it a try

    are there any cheaper alternative?
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