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Thread: Help...I have a small...Avatar!

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    Default Help...I have a small...Avatar!

    Hi guys...can you take a look to the left and see my pathetic small avatar?

    Can some one please advise how to make it bigger???

    I set it to 100 px by 60 something...resolution 50 and quality 2/3 but file size is still >15K!

    How do you guys keep it at 100 X 100 and yet not exceed the file size??

    Thanks mates!

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    help help, i have no avatar !!

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    according to the doctor, even a small avatar is good enough to perform its function
    me have not tried putting avatar but maybe you can compress the file in JPEG format?
    just try playing around with the compression ratio and maybe you can get it big enough yet small enough
    good luck

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    as for me i set the canvas size to 100 x 100 1st then drag the pic till it match the canvas size ...

    i dunno whether it's the correct way, but tat's the most 'basic' way for me to do bah

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    feeling inadequate because of small size?

    some says the size of the avatar doesn't matter, it is the way you use it that counts.
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    if ur using photoshop, u can set the quality level to like 60%. there's quite a drastic reduction in file size.

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    u can save it in .gif format

    vastly reduces the size of the file and not much quality loss for a 100x100 pic

    hope this works for u!

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    Hi everyone! Thanks!! I saved it as GIF and now its up and running as a normal sized avatar!


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