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Thread: Lightroom sluggishness with Nvidia drivers

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    Default Lightroom sluggishness with Nvidia drivers

    Hi all,

    Thought I might want to post this for future reference:

    I was previously using a ATI X1600 card on LR 1.41, and everything worked beautifully.

    I upgraded my card to a Nvidia 9600GT yesterday, (running Forceware 175.16) and realised that LR was running sluggishly with loading and refreshing images. As I did not install nView, that wasn't the case (some documentation online linked the sluggishness to nView s/w).

    However, I realised that there was a setting that caused the issue (might need to show advanced settings):

    3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings > Multi-display/mixed GPU Acceleration

    By default it should be multiple display performance mode. Change this to a single display performance mode (I only have 1 screen anyway).

    This worked for me beautifully.

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    Default Re: Lightroom sluggishness with Nvidia drivers

    can you elaborate more? cause my lightroom also very slow. thanks

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    Default Re: Lightroom sluggishness with Nvidia drivers

    if i am not wrong, lightroom is more RAM-intensive, and does not rely so much on the GPU (graphics processor) unlike something like aperture. could be a RAM issue, i think.


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