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Thread: Have you guys seen this?

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    Default Have you guys seen this?

    "It was a private screening but that didn't stop officers from the Media Development Authority (MDA) from seizing a copy of the film, "One Nation Under Lee", at the Tulip Room in the Peninsular Excelsior Hotel.

    The film, produced by activist and artist Seelan Palay, was a narrative of how Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew subjugated various institutions in Singapore, such as the press, under the government's control during his time as Prime Minister. It also depicted how the social divide in Singapore is a result of the People's Action Party's policies. The film included interviews with former Solicitor General Francis Seow, political detainee Said Zahari, opposition politician JB Jeyaretnam and scenes of various public protests which had taken place in Singapore."

    I extracted this from another website. Where you can read more - ... ed-by-mda/ ... eo-at.html ... lm-on-lky-

    Watch the film here -

    -extract from

    what do you guys think? =/

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    I remember seeing a headline in the papers on why the age for voting is 21 and not 18. Something like old enough to hold arms but no to vote...

    Anyone can dig out the article?

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    Film is biased against restriction of free press and politics in Singapore. Would any other political party not wished they had done the same thing and implemented such policies for their political parties? I think they wished they had the foresight to do so.
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