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    A pic i took in the St Peter's Basilica, vatican. Hand held at 1/4s at ISO 400
    Sorry for the compression though.

    How do i improve the shot?
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    A tripod would be good with a low speed film and some neutral density filters to blur the crowd. The light streaming in is gorgeous, long exposures seem to enhance such lighting (read somewhere). Such architecture shots should be shot at a small aperture for better dop. I would also look at other non conventional compositions, just to add a touch of individuality to it. Nice try, given the absence of a tripod. U lucky guy, wished i could be there.

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    Unfortunately, tripods are not allowed inside there. I was there 3 years ago, and when I was about to setup my tripod, an italian guard was gesticulating and telling me in italian that tripods are not allowed in there.


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    ND filters to enable longer exposures to blur out the humans? But i no tripod leh..any longer, everything else would be blur . so naturally the aperture had to be made big big to shorten the exposure.... its a pity i couldnt use tripod.
    Yeah, no tripods allowed in most cathedrals in europe..and inside all dark dark one...
    Yeah, the place is indeed magnificent...*jaw dropping*. The italian guards there look like mafia one.

    This one considered unconventional?
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    big tripods are not allowed. but i manage to sneak in a pocket tripod (for small cam is ok)in my jacket 2 years back. once you are inside, take you pictures tactically.


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