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Thread: Labelling 35mm slide mounts

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    Default Labelling 35mm slide mounts

    Hi! Anyone can advise me on how to label my 35mm slide mounts? Any labels on the market to recommend which are suitable for projection and scanning (ie won't jam the scanner or projector or in other words so sticky it wont come off easily.. hee) Then is it advisable for me to stick scotch tape over the label to protect it? Will it affect the film or anything like that? Thanks.

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    The last time I was there (about a year back), Carrefour has Avery slide labels. Check them out.


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    hi CK , may i know which dept u found tat ? It may save us time if u could tell us the dept ... is it stationery or wat?? thanks!

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    Chee...thanks man, CK! Will check it out soon at Carrefour Den anyone got any idea if sticking scotch tape on the slide mount surface is fine? Or is it more advisable not to?


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