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Thread: New york City accommodation question

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    Default New york City accommodation question

    Hi fellow CSers,

    Any of u travelled to NYC b4? I'm sourcing for a reasonably priced (~S$200 or slightly less) 2-3 star hotel for about 3 nights stay next week.

    To my horrors, I've just realized it ain't cheap to be in the Big Apple! Average price is easily$300-350 per nite for a 3 star hotel.

    Do you all have any recommendation for a hotel within the city, within walking distance to say Times Sq or Central Park?

    Would appreciate it! THANK U!

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    1. if you haven't paid for your flight yet, purchase a package deal (hotel plus flight)
    2. if you have paid for flight
    a) google for cheap accomodation in New York - a number of places are suggested
    b) try

    have fun
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    you can't get anything at S$200 a night and be at walking distance to Times Sq,
    not even a hole in the wall.

    Central park is big and long. Stretches from 59th st and up.
    The hotels north of 100th street may be around S$200 depending on season.
    That's a long walk to Times Sq on 43rd.

    Spending USD$300 a night is normal if you want to be near Times Sq.
    And USD$300 gets you a 3-4 star hotel in that area.

    There are some very small, unpublicised, boutique motels run by Koreans or Indians opening up near Times Sq.
    If you find those, you might be lucky to get one that charges USD$200 a night for a bed and shared toilet.
    To find those, you have to Google up Korean supermarkets in Korean town and speak Korean.
    Any cheaper is YMCA, shared room, shared toilet, one bed, like SAF

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    Default Re: New york City accommodation question

    U can try and I have stayed in these 3 b4....Pennsylvania Hotel, Stanford Hotel, Milford Plaza....they were around US$100 but it was in winter time, it will cost more in summer.....Alternatively you may try


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