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Thread: Air ticket woes! Sigh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricohflex View Post
    From the little travel I have done. I think there are different types of air tickets. It depends on the price you pay.
    Some allow you to change your date of flight.

    Some are strictly "ultimate low budget" type and no changes are allowed.
    Yes, that's true.

    I paid for a higher tier ticket that allows me to change my flight date, as the airline system does not allow me to book 12 mths ahead of the date I booked the ticket. Eg. I booked my tickets on 1 Jun 07, so I can only get a return date of 1 Jun 08 latest, so to get a return later, I pay the higer price which allows me to change my date, but only to 21 Aug 08, as I left singapore on 22 Aug 07.

    My issue is the 12 mths validity, not the free flight change.
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    Heya Blive,

    From what I understand, the not-more-than-one-year bookable period thing is a system thing as when a booking is done, only the day and month is taken into account and inputed, there is no input/request from the system for the year. You might have to check with someone who actually created the GDS as to why this is so.

    Hmm... at the end of the day, the consultant who attended to you should have stressed that after your reservation, your latest return travel day was only 364 days after your travel date :shrug:

    Last travel date should also appear on your e-ticket like posted by lennyl
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