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    I am new to forum, it will take me awhile to find where to post direct questions related to my Nikon D80. It seem to be a very informative site. I am sure i will learn much.

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    Welcome to CS~~

    You can post questions regarding your Nikon D80 or any other Nikon products in the Nikon thread here:
    The Dark Side

    As for general technical questions, you can post here:
    Let's get technical

    And if you are new to photography, you can try out the newbie corner here:
    We were all newbies, right?

    And if you cannot find anything you may need here, try this:
    A world without spoons

    Enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome to ClubSnap, hope you enjoy your stay here and find this forum is useful to you.

    If you have questions specific to Nikon cameras and lenses, Post in Nikon sub forum.
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