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    Seen this shot many times here, so thought of going up and give it a try.
    I am using tamron 18-200, and from previous post here, I understand that due to the long range of this lens, there can be distortions.
    Hence, I have did some correction to my pic and hope to get comments if my attempt to correct this pic is done correctly.

    if you care to zoom in close into oub building, right at the top. Is that Chromatic Aberration?
    why does it not happen to other buildings? how can i prevent this? does stepping it to F16 or F22 helps?

    PS wf: lens correction> rotate(correct horizon)> gradient overlay to enhance sky.

    18mm, 1/160,F11 iso100, no CPL

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    at first instant, i would say wah, you can reali imitate out the effects of CPL, although not 100% but got at least 80%. Gd job. This is something i'm still learning.... >.< can share your work flow with me? Distortion wise, it does look ok for me. But you might want to take not of the timing you went for such a shoot. If i'm not wrong its arnd 1pm that this shot was taken? Wait for the sunset timing, you will get better colours in the skies.
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    This is basically what I have done. Click here


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