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    Hi Bros, i need to ask u guys, how do i offer photography services even though i'm not too experience? I have been doing school events for 2 years now and I'm think of doing some photography services yet i'm not sure how to go about doing it....Do i do like an album or something and have it sold to the customer? What equipment do i need that are essential?
    Any contract to be signed? Payment wise?
    Really need your help here cause i really have no idea how to start.....

    Currently using a Canon EOS 400D with 70-300 sigma DG marco Lens and Kit I Lens.


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    Really need some advice........ Anyone????

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    You are not ready to provide any form of photography services...... yet. My advise is to start off as an intern or assistant to a working photographer.

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    oh icic Thz, but any idea where should i start for such attachments???? Via clubsnap or something????

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    Look in the services section of the classifieds. From time to time, a studio or photographer looks for assistants or interns.

    You could also think of drafting a short introductory letter and approach all the different studios/photographers. It would be a long-shot, but you might get lucky.

    Or you could put up a thread offering your services. Try to list down all the good points/advantages you can offer.

    Because having a young and inexperienced photographer in tow is more often than not a liability, you have to be really convincing, and how you follow up and commit/dedicate yourself to a task, even if it doesn't pay a cent, will immediately reveal how matured/responsible and reliable you might be, and word spreads around.

    All the best in your adventure.

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    Ok, Thz For your advice Bro
    Will try to get myself attached to someone once i'm free haha.... School work has to be clear....


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