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    7-Eleven Go Kart Championships
    Qualifying: 31/05/2008 (Saturday)
    Final: 01/06/2008 (Sunday)

    AYE towards TUAS Custom, last exit TUAS West Drive on the left after the bus stop. Opposite Raffles Marina.
    I think it is Circuit@Tuas

    10am the competition starts.
    About 200 people will be there for the competition.

    Hope to see some clubsnap members there for the finals to take nice photos!

    Promotional Posters for the lucky draw for the compeition:

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    I wanna join the championship. hahaha...

    Ought to present some photo opportunities.

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    Just got some more info that the Tony Kart Team will also be present for a demo run of their karts on Sunday, one in the morning, and another in afternoon. From what I know, A1 Driver from Indonesia, Hong Kong Kart Champion will be present too.

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    Anyone knows the event schedule? I can't find any online.
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    its from morning to afternoon..

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    its tomorrow and SUnday!

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    Do we have to pay to go in?

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    nope, no need to pay, I went there just now..didnt see any photographer..well, there is still tomorrow, the finals!

    some pics I took from the circuit:

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    anymore pics? got pics of the winners of v-power on the podium? or the part where the racequeen took umbrella to cover the driver for the last race....
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