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    She was riding a bicycle about 10m away, manage to grab hold of this shot before she fell off the bike, beginner.

    Any comments welcome. Nikon D50, 200mm f4, ISO 400.

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    If you didn't say she was riding a bike, no one would've been any wiser. I'm not saying it's a horrible shot, but it doesn't tell your story. It is a candid (a pleasant one, but still a candid).

    I might add that I quite like the colours, and focus is accurate, so technically there is really nothing much wrong with the image, except that you might want to consider loosening up the framing just a small bit, so you don't cut off the top of her head.
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    This would had worked perfectly well if it was part of a series, but as a standalone, cannot. Firstly because if you said she was riding on a bicycle, there isn't one in the pic to illustrate that. 2ndly, you said she was going to fall, but on her expression it seems she is very much elated. Can see the nervousness in her.
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    I think the expression on her face is great ...really nice smile

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    it would seem to me like a close up potrait...
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