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Thread: Sony DSC H9 vs Sony DSC H50

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    Default Sony DSC H9 vs Sony DSC H50


    I have some questions regarding sony DSC H50

    1) anyone experience Sony DSC h50. Are you satisfied or not?
    2) How is the quality of pics? Is it better than SOny DSC h9?
    3) How is the night mode? Are the pics taken at night mode in darkness have good results or not?

    and finally
    4) which is better SONY DSC h9 or Sony DSC H50?

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    Default Re: Sony DSC H9 vs Sony DSC H50

    H50 is the upgrade to the H9.

    If you did the slightest bit of research online and on the other forums reviewing camera gear, you would know:

    1. So far everyone is.
    2. Yes.
    3. It's good, also for daytime IR. If you don't know what it really does, google is your friend.
    4. See answer 2.


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