Troubled with Office Politics n Stress? Let the OFFICE ladies relieve all stress!


Who says only tall girls can be models?
these 3 girls below the height of 155 will mesmerise you completely with their beauty~

Shoot Details

Theme: Office wear x 2 Sets

Date: 31st MAY 2008, Saturday

Time: 9.00am to 12.30pm (including 1/2 hour resting time)

Location : Will be Released to the participants only

Models : 3 ===> Serene, Charlotte and Eileen

No of photographers : Min 15 (5:1) , Max 21 (7:1)

Price :
$40 (First 10)
$50 for rest

If interested to join, please PM me or contact

Please include with your details
1. Name or Nick from CS
2. Contact number