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Thread: Rechargable AA batteries

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    Default Rechargable AA batteries

    Me going to the US soon, and thinking of bring my Olympus C730 UZ with me.
    Just wondering how much will the voltage convertor will cost me? so that i could still use my GP battery charger there. Or any other better suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!!!!

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    Are you sure that the charger is not dual voltage?

    What sort of charger is it? i.e. 1 hour fast charger

    Voltage converters can be relatively expensive, and many of them recommend that they should not be used for long durations. It might be cheaper to go to US and by a cheap (US) $15 charger from Walmart, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy or where ever.

    Prices range from less than (US) $10 (overnight charger) to (US) $30 (fast 1 hour charger, includes 4 AA 1850+ mah, dual voltage)

    Enjoy your trip!

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    thanks for the tips,
    by the way, what do u think of Sanyo NC-MQR02??

    i think it can be used for both 110 n 230 Volts right?
    or any other better 'dual input' chargers?

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    I don't have the Sanyo NC-MQR02, so I can't comment too much about it. The charger takes 4 hours to charge 4 AA (2100 MAh), and is dual voltage.
    It will definetly suit your purpose.

    I don't know if it comes with a plug adapter for north america, but adapters are much cheaper than voltage converters.

    The batteries on the other hand are very nice and they might be the best on the market. I use them with my C-750.

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    NC-MQR02-Voltage AC100-240V as writen onthe manual.


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