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Thread: Any software to batch convert photo size?

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    Default Any software to batch convert photo size?

    Meaning I want to convert all my 4M photos to a smaller resolution for email purposes, but currently I have to convert them one by one using my image viewer prgm. Is there any software out there that can batch convert a lot of photos at one shot to smaller sizes?

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    There's quite a few batch level converters available and it can be done in PhotoShop via an action. My preferred software however is WebGraphics Optimiser Pro ($40 USD) which is great for knocking up quick conversions. You can download a trial online, but the batch feature is disabled from memory.
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    i use Irfanview.

    Freeware, very fast, very powerful. It has a batch mode processing feature that can resize, rotate, sharpen, change gamma, rename, and a host of other useful features.

    Photoshop Elements (mine came free with 10D) is also able to batch-resize, as well as create the entire web-pages with thumbnails and links for uploading.

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    Originally posted by fruitybix
    try this.
    using for long time...very useful

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    If your camera come with Photoshop, there is a batch function there (under File->Automate->Batch). Just create a resize action and then use the batch function to call the action.


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