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Thread: Question about shanghai (taking photos)

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    Hi guys. I've never been to China before, going to Shanghai for work next week. What's the protocol for street photography? Do people get very offended if you snap their picture? Is it safe to lug around a DSLR, especially at night?

    Any photogenic places to recommend?

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    bring a tripod and visit both sides of the bund (the river) at night

    i went in the daytime was quite foggy maybe im just unlucky, but the view from the puxi side is very niec with the old colonial buildings

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    I think Shanghai is rather safe. No problems lugging around a DSLR everywhere.

    Photogenic places is like Raied mentioned, and yuyuan gardens

    You can also take a trip to nearby Hangzhou (famous west lake) & Suzhou (somewhat similar to yuyuan gardens)

    When i went there, it was very hazy, so the sky had no texture at all

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    Do a search on the forums. I believe there's a few threads on SHanghai already. As for safety, China, in general is very safe. For candids, most shanghainese i think do not mind have photos taken but they wont be as friendly as those in the villages.

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    a tripod is a must as there are lots of places for night photography
    1) nanjing east street
    2) the bund - pudong's lights are spectacular, esp the oriental pearl. can go up one of the buildings along the bund, recommend No 3 on The Bund, and shoot light trails
    3) pudong - in front of haagen daz facing the bund, can also go up oriental pearl tv tower
    4) yuyuan area also hv lighted buildings

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    Be careful when taking photo of hawkers.
    Many of them are illegal hawkers who don't like to be photograghed.
    Once an illegal hawker waved a knife at me after I took a picture of him from a distance.
    Another insisted I delete the photo only showed his merchandise.

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    Having visited Shanghai a few times, I wld say Shanghai is a rather safe place. Not much of probs bringing ur cam.

    Juz dun hao lian den wear some thick gold chain la. Like that who see liao oso wan to grab man. hahahah.

    Rmb to visit e bund. There are quite a number of places ard shanghai u can visit too if u have e time for short trips.
    A perfect photo that is empty of any feeling will never equal a blurred photo full of emotion


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