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    I am quite new to this.
    I was actually browsing some sony tripods.
    There is this VCT-1500L that stands at 1.5m and VCT-R100 standing at 1m.
    Pardon me, for the height difference of 50cm,is there other features that are only found in the VCT-1500L? cos the price is a whooping 150+ bucks difference.
    Btw, is 1m sufficient for scenery taking.
    What type of situation requires 1.5m tripod.

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    Depends on your usage. Try doing a shot at 1m using your cam and a 1.5m shot, now you see the difference? How tall are you? You want to bend down everytime to pick up your cam after each shot or when you need to do some adjustments to the setting? With a 1.5m tripod, it can go down to 1m as well but not the other way, so you are more versatile. Besides the height of the tripod, do consider the weight and stability of the tripod as well.
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