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Thread: lonely tall tree on the beach

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    Default lonely tall tree on the beach

    Its my first time posting pictures at Clubsnap. So it goes, went to east coast park with my family to celebrate my birthday on last sunday and went to the beach to try to take some shots and manage to see 1 and only lonely tall tree out of the middle of the mini forest.

    Trying to capture the sunset with the lonely tree and turn out that the sun is avoiding it leaving it like a shadow out of no where there is no friends.

    This picture was taking at late evening located at east coast park pit 44 carpark D

    So feel free to critique or share your thoughts here.

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    Default Re: lonely tall tree on the beach

    My 2 cents:

    1) Overall exposure is too underexposed.
    2) Composition does not suggest tree is lonely. You have too many things in your shot making it looks very complicated. Less is more.
    3) Sunset is no where near dramatic and there is hardly any sunlight left.

    Overall this is more of a snapshot. Take a look at some of the sunset shots here in this forum and shoot more
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    Default Re: lonely tall tree on the beach

    1) no what, that coconut tree is not lonely, so many trees there.
    2) underexposed.
    3) horizon slanted.
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    Default Re: lonely tall tree on the beach

    thx for the comment will try to pratice more

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    Default Re: lonely tall tree on the beach

    can try cropping the top and bottom, not much details there... mabbe it will look better... and ya the pic underexpose.... PP away the playing kids haha
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