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    New poster for Nikon ..ahahha

    C&C please.

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    Err, you need a new lens cap, bro~

    Haha, you kinda give me an idea....Hehe, will try when i am back in SG.

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    hahhaha ...must pay copyright fee

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    Haha, i no money. Maybe i give u my idea.

    Try to position the wordings "Nikon" from 1 angle such that it reflect on your 18-135 lens surface. Then, take the shot with your 50mm by focusing on the wordings and the 18-135 lens surface.

    Then flip the shot laterally to see a proper leading N to n for thr Nikon wording.

    Then do some touch up to make it look like a planet. Haha, just an idea.
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    too deep for me ...u do it and show me it up when it is neeed copyright right fee..for u FOC ....

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    Haha, was thinking you do it and i earn the copyright fee.

    Hahaha, "EXPLOIT, EXPLOIT"

    Ok, i will do it when i am back. Heehee.


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