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Thread: Presentation borders for your works.

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    Default Presentation borders for your works.

    Hi one and all. I noticed that everyone has a specific and certain style as to how they present their pictures - be it using borders or their stylo signature, is this the usual practice when doing a TFCD? or only when uploading to CS?

    Do have a open discussion about this, on which type of presentation (thick borders, watermark) you prefer and if going overboard may make or break the photo.

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    Default Re: Presentation borders for your works.

    Canon 40D, 10-22, 35, 70-200

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    Default Re: Presentation borders for your works.

    nowadays when I post a photo in the web, I just keep the photo below 600 pixel, most of then time even smaller, my name is just about 2mm height with 30% opacity, hide at one corner.

    I prefer to spend time create nice photos rather than fancy borders
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    Default Re: Presentation borders for your works.

    hi mukey, i think that borders do make photos 'look better' for presentation - they seriously do. Nice photos are good, but borders do bring out the image try looking at a photo without a frame and one that's in a nice frame the framing does make a whole lotta difference.
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    What you're talking about is really the digital representation of frame mats.
    It was pretty helpful for me when I read up more about frame matting, in the context of photographs and paintings.

    Here's one example:

    Try putting your artwork behind several different mats. This can be done at most photo stores, or use the corner samples at a custom cutting counter. It becomes readily apparent that the perception of the image changes radically with different combinations of colors. Most will enhance the image, and some will stand out immediately as excellent choices. In most cases double mats will work best, but images without bright colors will often work best with a single mat. Adding a single or double mat will usually be cost efficient, since most end-users will appreciate the added value. Here are some fundamental ideas when considering using art mats.

    Single mats: If a single mat is used, it is often safest and most desirable to use a neutral color, such as off white, cream, light grays etc. These go very well with most images and fit into most home settings. If you wish a stronger color, try to match the mat color with a dominant color in the image. i.e. Lots of dark green trees in the picture, use a dark green mat. For black and white photographs, off-white mats with a black core are very effective.

    Using a double mat: Double mats add considerably to the richness of the presentation. The safest method is to use a neutral outer mat, and a color for the inner mat that matches a dominant color in the image. The amount of the inner mat that can be seen is called the “reveal”, and varies with the size of the mat. A reveal of 3/16" is close to being an industry standard, but use your own judgment.
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    Wah this is probly for the more serious photogs who want to frame up their prints nicely. I was actually referring to the borders for the photos you just put up on the web for casual viewing or in your TFCDs. Most people have distasteful signatures, which is why i always leave them out especially when dealing with clients. Nobody wants to know if you are hellsquall86 when plastered in the middle of the picture, thus spoiling the capture.

    I dig those huge black borders to frame up a pic, but the downside is that you shrink the size of the photo to compensate for the large border, thus less of your photo skill is showcased, altho you gain in terms of presentation skills.

    Worth a thought.
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