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Thread: Little Guilin landscape

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    Default Little Guilin landscape

    Which format works for you ? Vertical or Horizontal ?
    Personally I prefer the vertical format as it gives me the feeling that I'm very near to the water.
    The large expanse of water has a calming effect as well
    What about the spot centre composition ? Did it work here ?

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    cool reflections of the waters

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    horizontal. gives a perspective of "wideness"

    the guilin itself isn't very high, no point trying to make it look tall..

    the first picture, very nice a feeling of "halo"

    my 2c
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    I like the 1st shot ... esp with blue sky and nice reflection
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    hmm.. nobody prefers vertical ?

    Agree that the horizontal are much more common in scenery shots and gives a better panoramic view. In this case, perhaps the horizontal suits better. Regarding the vertical making it look taller, on second thought, it does attempt to make it look that way, did not see it that way.. till now


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