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    let say you have an afs lens and a d80 body and you autofocus with it, which motor will be used to af? The lens' or body's? Also, if the lens motor is damaged, can it still be autofocus using the body's? thanks.

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    it depends on what lens u are using. some have the motor built in the lens. some of the older ones need the screw from the body to drive it. only canon EF mount have the motors all built in.

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    must read the TS's post carefully....
    He's asking about mounting an AF-S lens (which has in-built focusing motor) onto a D80 (which has mechanical drive pin).
    I never really noticed if the AF-S lens has the reciprocating slot for the drive pin. I suspect it doesn't... it'd be obsolete UNLESS the SWM fails.

    hehehe I should go check my own kit lens.... lazy...

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    oops. in that case, the built in motor shld be the only one used to drive the lens. there shldnt be a hole for the screw to drive it anymore.

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    AF-S lenses don't have the screw-slot to manually drive the AF.

    When you talk about camera's AF motor, it refers to this rotating screw slot on the camera side's lens mount. It rotates and drives the AF in the lens.

    For AF-S, it is electronic signal sent from camera to lens, using the lens's motor, thus no rotating slot on the lens itself.

    I think one of the new models, D60 or something does not have the screw slot, so it can only AF with AF-S lenses, and normal AF lenses can only be used in manual focus mode.


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