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Thread: Where to learn Microsoft Excel (advanced)

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    Default Where to learn Microsoft Excel (advanced)

    Where is the best place which offers an advanced Microsoft Excel course?

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    Default Re: Where to learn Microsoft Excel (advanced)

    how advance?
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    Default Re: Where to learn Microsoft Excel (advanced)

    U can try Comat,
    Our company sends the staffs to them for Excel course, they have Excel for Power & Expert Users. We use Excel very heavily in our works and those staffs definitely improved their Excel skill upon completing the course.

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    Default Re: Where to learn Microsoft Excel (advanced)

    What is advanced? Think you need to be thinking along the lines of aligning your work and processes with what is required. Excel tools are really task related.

    - are you talking about working with functions for data cleansing/extracting/summarising
    - importing/exporting data into different formats
    - summarising datasets with pivot tables
    - automating tasks using macros - how far do you need to take this
    - forecasting future budgets
    - highlighting KPIs
    - building workbook models

    etc, etc, etc
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    Default Re: Where to learn Microsoft Excel (advanced)

    excel advance is very big scope,
    if u r in more for financial reporting n analysis purpose maybe u can consider this
    able to do advance is great , provided your group mates n reporting parting are also verse in that , else it can be another nightmare.

    if u r more of operation effectiveness, u have to relook your task harder , web sites like
    mr excel should be sufficient,

    have fun hahahahahahahah


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