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Thread: Need your opinions on Fujifilm 6800zoom

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    Default Need your opinions on Fujifilm 6800zoom

    Hi all!

    I own a Fujifilm 6800zoom which I bought last year for emergency use and it has been under used for quite some time. I am now considering whether to sell it away or to barter-trade with a second-hand Canon A70 (anyone interested?).

    Should I hold on to my 6800z or go ahead to hunt for someone who is willing to trade with me? The main reason why I want to change dc is due to it using non-standard (i.e. AA) batteries. Would prefer to use AA batteries...more practical that way.

    Anyway, if I want to sell my 6800z, how much should I sell it for?

    My package includes:
    - 6800z
    - 2 original batts
    - 1 x 16mb SM card
    - 1 x 128mb SM card
    - 1 SM card reader (lost the supplied usb cable)
    - cradle
    - manual
    - cd
    - original pouch (abit old tho')
    - video cables
    - box

    Would appreciate if someone can offer me some advice. Tks alot!

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